Lucky Me

30.September, 2010

Earlier this month my father sent me a link to a song called “Lucky Me”, by Helene Cronin.

Now, I get sent a lot of patriotic videos and chain letters.  I am a veteran.  I think that may have put me on a list somewhere. Everyone is very well-meaning, it’s just that I get A LOT of it, and frankly it is largely a lot of well-meaning crap.

However, none of it comes from my father, and his endorsement carries some weight.  So I followed the link and listened to a song that has really stuck with me. I dropped Helene a note to thank her, and to make a long story a little shorter, some of my images are in the song’s new Youtube video.

I encourage you to give it a listen, and should you feel so inclined, to get it to those whom may trust your opinion in a way that’ll get them to hear it.

I think it’s worthwhile.  Download it here.

The New Limb

14.September, 2010

A couple of outtakes from mid-July when I shot the band The New Limb for Locale Magazine.  I photographed them at their house in Costa Mesa, CA, where they all live together and record.  They were about to head out on tour the next day, so there was a lot of packing going on.  Still they were very gracious with their time.

Also, they sent me off with swag, always a plus.  I took home a signed CD and one of the new stickers that had arrived by mail during our shoot.  I first listened to the album all the way through twice on a road trip the following week, and it is on the current rotation of albums kept on my iPhone.

You can (and should) catch them live at La Cave in Costa Mesa this Thursday Sept. 16th.

I’m Back, Baby!

14.September, 2010

I took a little two month hiatus from the ol’ blog. I was working and traveling quite a bit, so at least I can promise some interesting posts to come. It’s really amazing how fast this summer flew by. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

An outtake from yesterday when my brother asked me to take his passport photo.  I’d think twice before letting this guy into my country.


08.July, 2010

Leghorn chickens are a new addition here at the hacienda.  The first graders at the school where my girlfriend teaches had hatched these birds in the classroom, and at just two weeks old they were looking for a more permanent home.  After our addition of a large vegetable garden about six months ago, a small laying flock seemed like the next logical step.   Luckily the roommates were all in.

There is a long table in the garden where we take our meals.  I like to sit out there with my pipe in the afternoon and watch the chickens scurry back and forth beneath the tomato plants.  There is something about watching them that makes me very calm and happy.

Mixin’ it up.

08.July, 2010

I’ve been mixing things up over on the main site.  I’ve updated my portfolio with new work.  Some of it you may have seen here, some of it you ain’t.  For best results clear your browser’s cache and click here.

iPhonotypes: Geek Out

29.June, 2010

I found this Batman mask in my brother’s closet.  I then wore it.  For an hour.

My Heart is Across the Ocean | Paul Bennett

It has been a rough deployment for my old unit.  Hard on my boys, and hard on their families at home.  Both sides have held up their ends, and now it’s almost over.  Right now houses are being cleaned, banners are being made, and parties are being planned.  I’m headed down south to be waiting for them when they arrive.

My Marine Families photo project, My Heart is Across the Ocean, will shortly be coming to a close.  I’ve also been writing while the boys have been gone.  Writing about their families, and what it’s been like for me to watch them go through these last seven months.  I’ve been on the other side of this before, the side where everyone is in it together, day and night.  Being stateside for this one has given me a new appreciation for circumstances that I may have been dismissive about in the past.

Now, my hope is to put everything together into a book.  After the homecoming it’ll just be a matter of tightening edits and paring down text.  As much as I’ve enjoyed working on this project, I’ll be happier when it’s something I can put away on a shelf.  I’ve been toying with a few different cover images for the past couple of months, but on my most recent shoot I finally found one that felt just right.

In case you were wondering, no I don’t have a publisher, I haven’t started showing it around yet.  But if you wanted to mention the project offhand to your cousin in publishing, then yes, that’d be just great.

I met Levi in a photo class years ago and we became fast friends.  We come from very different worlds, but find common ground in photography and our mutual love of beards.

These quick snaps were behind the scenes after one of his shoots, just after our conversation on why I prefer that people not smile in photographs.

Goin’ Mobile

23.April, 2010

So, I’m trying out a mobile version of the blog and I’d like your thoughts on it.  Most of my site traffic is on desktops and laptops, but lately I’ve had up to 20% readership coming from iPhones and other mobile devices. That’s an awfully big chunk.  In an attempt to better that experience, I’ve installed a plug-in that recognizes mobile browsers and formats the posts for them.  No more zooming in and out to view pictures and text.

But I want to know what you think.  If you have a moment, take a look at on your phone.  There is a pull down menu in the upper right hand corner of the page with an “email me” link.  Shoot me a note with your vote: Rock it or Scrap it.  Feel free to ramble on, I appreciate the feedback.